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School Times

Lessons commence at 9.00am and conclude at 3.00pm. Students are not supervised prior to 8.30am, therefore it is inadvisable and certainly unsafe for children to be at school prior to this time. 

8.55am                   - Line up with Teacher

9.00am                  - Class Time

11.00 - 11.38am     - 1st Break

11.38 - 1.38pm       - Class time

1.38 - 2.15pm         - 2nd Break

1.55 - 3.00pm        - Class time

3.00pm                  - Home time


If your child is absent from school, the parent of that student,  will receive a text message by 10am.  Please reply to this text message, with an acceptable reason, so we have a written explanation of the absence. 

Alternatively, a note of explanation is required for every absence on your child's return to school. Blank absence notes are available from the office This is a Department of Education requirement. Class rolls are regarded as legal documents and all absences must be explained. 

If the school does not receive an explanation of the absence from the parents within 5 days, the office generates a standard letter which is sent home with the student requiring the parent to explain the absence within the next 2 days.

Parents/caregivers must provide an explanation for absences to the school within 3 days from the first day of any period of absence. Parents/caregivers are expected to inform the school prior to an absence if it is foreseeable. Although written explanations are preferred (letter, email or text), verbal explanations are acceptable.

Late Arrivals

If your child is late, arriving after the 9.00am bell, please take him/her to the office to obtain a Late Arrival slip. This is then handed to the teacher by the accompanying parent. Children must have an adult accompany them to the office. If you are unable to accompany them, please send a signed note with your child explaining the absence. Please ensure that your child arrives on time.

Leaving Early

We realise that there are times when you will need to collect your child early for dental/medical appointments. In this case, it is necessary in the interest of safety, to come to the office to obtain a Early Leaver slip which you give to your child's teacher. This slip eliminates the need for you to write an additional note to explain the part absence. Children are not allowed to leave without an accompanying adult. Children are only permitted to leave with parents or emergency contacts.

Absence Note

If your child is absent from school please ring the school office on 4966 1146 or complete the attached absence note and give to your class teacher when your child returns to school. Attached is the absence note.

Absence Note

Holiday Travel during School Term (Application For Extended Leave - More than 5 school days)

If students are travelling during school time, parents must notify the school of the travel in advance. The school will provide an application for a Certificate of Extended Leave. If considered appropriate, the certificate will be issued by the principal, given to the student to take while on leave and the student's absences will be recorded as 'Leave'. Complete the attached Leave Form and return to the school office.

  Extended Leave Application Form